The cast of Kick-Ass 2 explain their new powers, cuss us out

We spoke with the newly-rebooted Motherfucker (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), the brand-new super Dr. Gravity (Donald Faison) and new Kick-Ass 2 character John Leguizamo all about blood, guts, costumes, and swear words. It was awesome. Behold the next group of little ass kickers from Kick-Ass 2.


Christopher Mintz-Plasse:

The first movie was just bubble gum and blood...

Christopher Mintz-Plasse: What does that mean?

Super poppy, super fun, fast and really really bloody. How will the sequel live up to that?

This one is cotton candy and beef jerky. It's sweet and delicious. But rough and dark. And salty. Very salty.

We've seen pictures of your new costume, what was it like wearing that?

It looks beautiful, and it's freaking great. But why does it have to be me wearing it? It took 4 people to help me get that thing on, but it's all about the movie and it looks fantastic. It's worth it.

The first movie was kind of an origins story for your character, and the second movie is a revenge film. But revenge rarely works out, how is this different for you?

I've never played a character this dark before. I'm sure you know like Augie and McLovin, and what not. Nothing this evil. So it was a real challenge. I read the script and I kind of got nervous and excited to challenge myself. I got a great acting coach, she helped me through it all. And yeah, I just hope people like it. And like the character.

Please tell us who your superhero is and how he became who he was?

Donald Faison:I play Dr. Gravity he was just some guy who was inspired by Kick-Ass to become a superhero. And he does it. He actually introduces Kick-Ass to this group of superheroes called Justice Forever. Which is very similar to the X-Men or the Avengers. They're really powerful, or somewhat powerful individuals fighting crime together.


Nic Cage's character had a really specific way that he talked and he added a mustache. What does your character have that hides his identity?

We don't really know the other side of my character. You met him, but I'm Dr. Gravity through out the movie, pretty much. If anything he was playing Adam West.


Do you have a shout or a call or a karate chop that's wholly Dr. Gravity?

Dr. Gravity's slogan is "I will levitate your soul from your body."


Selene Grace Silver

I saw the first one but I can't remember anyone having superpowers...has that changed in this one or do they just call themselves superheroes?

I loved Nicolas Cage in the first one, channeling Adam West.