The Cargo Boat that Inspired the Look of Battlestar's Spaceships

This industrial sea-going ship provided inspiration for special effects designers working on the spaceships in Battlestar Galactica. Designer Mojo describes how in a recent blog post about how he makes Battlestar's ships look realistic by imitating the "self-lighting" look of this ship, which is illuminated only by its own onboard lights. Want to see the spaceship that was directly inspired by this image?


Here's a side-by-side comparison between the source material and the Demetrius, the industrial garbage ship that Starbuck and her away team used to try to find Earth earlier this season. Mojo writes:

Landing lights are generally blue, so I used that scheme to surround the Viper platform. See the small ladder leading up to the platform on the bottom right? People need to see where they're going, so it was a natural area to illuminate.

You can see that he's borrowed the shape of the sea-going ship, as well as the way its lights are positioned. It's always cool to see how much real-world objects inspire fantastical images.

Check out a whole bunch of concept art for spaceships and the images that inspired them in Mojo's blog.

BSG VFX: A Thousand Points Of Light [Darth Mojo]


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