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The Burrowers Monsters Will Spit Acid On You While You're Down

In a new clip from The Burrowers demonstrates pretty clearly what happens when you turn your back on these monsters. First you get sliced by a big thick monster claw, which apparently paralyzes their victims, then they spit on you when you're down. And like all good paralyzing monsters you can guess what happens next. I'm starting to think maybe that maybe these loogie-hawking monsters could take my favorite underground worms from Tremors.The Burrowers takes place in the wild wild West during 1879, where a band of hardened ranchers start getting picked off one by one by underground varmits. The monster flick's world premiere was at the Toronto Film festival and will also be at Fantastic Fest and Screamfest before coming to DVD in April 2009.


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Final: God Fearing Robot

I read that as the Borrowers.

I was gonna say there was an acid spitting monster in the Littles?