These incredible works of the 86-year-old German-born designer Luigi Colani reveal vehicles, homes, tools and machines from the future.

A Colani-BMW 700, the world's first car with a self-supporting plastic monocoque car body, 1963

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Colani C-Form, 1968

Poly-Cor plastic chair, 1968

A spherical kitchen, 1968

A Le Mans prototype from 1970, with the engine and cam shaft of a Lamborghini Miura

Pool, a modular living interior with sled-like table elements for the German Rosenthal, 1971

Learn Egg, a prototype for a polyester learning capsule for Flötotto, Germany, 1971

A motorcycle, 1973

A mega-passenger aircraft, based on the shape of the Megalodon shark, 1977

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A portable television with tilting screen and telescopic antenna integrated into the handle, 1977

A hovercraft, using a Wankel motor, 1978

HM-1, a wind tunnel model for a magnetic levitation train. Fin-shaped steering gear produces the requisite downforce, 1978

New RS, 1978

A mega-transport aircraft, 1978

The Truck 2001, built on the platform of a Mercedes-Benz 1729 truck, 1978

Tombo helicopter concept, 1978

A coal-dust-powered steam locomotive for the Baikal-Amur line, 1979

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Study for a Mach 5 passenger aircraft, 1983

Canon T90 and T99, two prototypes from 1983

The "Leda", an ekranoplan designed in 1983

FROG, an underwater camera study for Canon, 1984

A Ford prototype with a 3.5L V8 engine, 1989

Train of Tomorrow, designed for the German National Railway, 1989

Ferrari Testa d'Oro, with a 5.0 Ferrari V12 engine. It broke a land speed record in its class in 1991, reaching 218 mph (351 km/h), designed in 1989

An ergonomic PC from 1992

TV design for RFT Strassfurt, 1994

DAF Aero 3000, from 2001 and the Spitzer-Silo Truck, designed in 2002

A Schimmel Pegasus Grand Piano. Only 14 were built.

The Rotor House with a 64 sq ft (6 sqm) cylinder containing a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, 2004

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Colani Super Truck, 2006


The photos are from Carstyling, Colani and, except when noted otherwise.