The Bugasalt: A Miniature Shotgun that Murders Insects With Ordinary Table Salt

Want a cheap, non-toxic way to wipe out bugs at the dinner table, or at your next picnic? Check out this insane shotgun-action device, the "Bugasalt," which uses ordinary table salt to murder the little critters. And leaves nothing but a pinch of salt (and an insect corpse) behind. This discofied instructional video will fill in all the details — and even though this device's fundraiser is already more than fully funded on Indiegogo, you can still kick in some money and get one of the first generation of these weapons of insectoid mass destruction. For a little extra, it can be signed by the artist. [Indiegogo, thanks Keith!]

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I feel like this will mostly only work on flies though right? Mosquitos are so skinny it will be hard to hit them, and I think a roach would just shake the salt off and give you a dirty look.