It’s Halloween week, and that means there’s more spooky scares around than you can shake an equally spooky stick at. And nothing says Halloween reading like Creepy English manors, ghosts, and Hellboy, right? Good job, all of those things are in this exclusive preview of Hellboy and the BRPD: 1953!

Dark Horse’s Hellboy and the BRPD: 1953 begins a whole new series for Mike Mignola’s demonic hero, and the first issue, written by Mignola with art and colors from Ben Stenbeck and Dave Stewart, sees him travel to England for two creepy stories: “The Phantom Hand”, as Hellboy investigates sightings of a ghostly limb in an English manor, and “The Kelpie”, as he tracks down a watery spirit. Hellboy’s first ghost hunt? Hell, that sounds perfect for this time of year!

Without further ado, here’s four pages from the first story in the issue, making their exclusive debut on io9:

Hellboy and the BRPD: 1953 #1 is available digitally and on store shelves tomorrow, October 28th.