The Brothers Braved The Toxic Rain To Hunt For Their Pet Graffiti Cat

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"There he is!" Cody shouted. "I told you he didn't go far." Beneath his helmet, Jojo grinned. He was sore and tired from climbing the walls each night with his spray cans, but it was all worthwhile if Cody believed Tomcat was really alive.


Artist Piotr Jabłoński has a series of these "Tomcat" paintings, which feature to kids in big helmets and a graffiti cat who appears to be alive. You can see more of the series at Behance and deviantART, and buy prints through inPRNT.

[via Colossal]

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It was three minutes to midnite and Fear was racing thru Tim's spine like an electrical current. There was nobody around the darkened park space of Tranquility Lane. All the Moms and Dads were happily asleep and he wished he was in his bed too. But he had to prove to Rocco that he could do it.

Midnight had arrived,it was time. Tim stoood below the streetlamp put on the pumpkin mask and repeated the words of the manhood ritual:

"Pint-sized Slasher! Pint-sized Slasher! Come and get me! Come and get me!

Fiddlesticks and candlesticks will make me shake before—"

He stopped in mid-sentence when he realised he wasn't alone in the park. A lonesome masked-wearing figure was looking at him. It wasn't the mundane clown smile in the mask,it was the knife he was wielding that made Tim sprint towards home.

Rocco laughed so hard that his stomach hurt. He took off the Pint Sized Slasher Halloween mask and continued laughing while making slashing noises with the plastic prop knife included with the costume.

Thankfully for Tim,Rocco would tell the other kids what a coward he had been. Because while Rocco laughed he never noticed the Chinese A-bombs falling from the sky.