America is just a virtual world - at least that's what British citizens have been told to believe. The Matrix-esque online graphic novel The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore has been optioned by MGM for a TV series. The British empire hasn't fallen, and it still controls the world via an "all-pervasive and addictive virtual game network." Only one man awakens from the fake world and resists: the motorcycle-riding, virtual-world-hopping Jonas Moore. Click through to view Jonas in action in some pages from the motion-comic.

In the comic, Moore awakens from this fake world and the authorities immediately consider him a threat. Soon, he's under constant attack, and has to zoom into various virtual worlds to stay ahead of the government. He rides around on his motorcycle, blowing things up, getting in fights with the government and spreading his forbidden knowledge of actual reality. I hope that online star Colin Salmon stays on as the Jonas for the TV series. You may remember him as the bad ass from Resident Evil who was chopped into itty bitty pieces via lasers. [Jonas Moore]