The Breakfast Club Meets Mad Max... On Skates!

Corey Haim is initiated into the Rollerboys, a fascist street gang that skates down the street with synchronized arm movements, in this clip from Prayer Of The Rollerboys. Which may be the weirdest dystopian movie ever. America is collapsing, Harvard is moving to Asia, and street gangs like the Rollerboys hold all the power. But everybody has perfect NKOTB hair and Benetton clothes, and there's a John Hughes-ian romance between Corey Haim and Patricia Arquette. Another awesome Rollerboys clip, after the jump.

It turns out that the "Rope" the Rollerboy leader keeps referring to is actually a chemical designed to sterilize the non-white people who use the Mist, the drug the gang peddles. It's a eugenics experiment and a profit center. Pretty sweet deal. And the Rollerboys do throw an awesome party, with tons of balloons, a cute mermaid wearing body paint, and some lube-wrestling. Don't you forget about them.


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Annalee Newitz

Thou must skatest or diest . . . oh wait, wrong late-80s rollerblade movie.