This creepy-cool trailer for EBBĂ‹TO's 25-minute-long film Analog is an agoraphobe's worst nightmare -a machine keeps a man alive during a deep space journey. Unfortunately, the machine begins to reassess its programming, and a lot of symbolic oddness precipitates.

Here are the details on the flick, which is currently making the festival rounds:

ANALOG is Ebbëto's 2nd short film. His first, Lagartija Nika, can be seen online at Tokyo's CON-CAN Film Festival site.
ANALOG is a 27 min, black and white, Science Fiction film made in 2009. This short extract features the music of OIL 10 "Passagen", by the French electronic music composer, Gilles Rossire.

The film tells the tale of a machine travelling in deep-space which has as a primary function the preservation of a living organism: a man.
Strange events with biblical analogies begin, disturbing the machine and making it rethink it's priorities.

ANALOG is probably the first authentic Brazilian Science Fiction film and it's currently competing in world wide short film festivals.
The film was made under an extreme low-budget condition and was only made possible do to the dedication of a hand full of people that believed in the project and gave their hearts and souls to make it come to life.


Analog evokes the black and white psychological strangeness of Pi and Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Good stuff.

[via Quiet Earth]