The Boy Whose Glowing Eyes Give Him Night Vision

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Evolution at its finest: A Chinese boy by the name of Nong You-hui has cat eyes that glow and help him see in the dark. At least, according to Britain's reliably trashy Sun newspaper.


Says the Sun, the bright blue-eyed Nong has been under the watchful study of doctors in Dahua, southern China, due to his incredible glowing eyes, with immaculate eyesight.

He can read perfectly in the pitch black, and doctors are calling the condition leukodermia, which means his eyes have less protective pigment and are more sensitive to light — like cat eyes, in other words. (Actually, leukodermia is also referred to as vitiligo, and is a general condition that causes a loss of pigment, usually elsewhere on the body, probably due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors.)


His father was quoted as saying:

"They told me he would grow out of it and that his eyes would stop glowing and turn black like most Chinese people, but they never did."

And why would you want them to?

[The Sun]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Uhhh... Leukodermia would be "White Skin"

Leuko: White

Dermia: Skin

Makes sense for vitiligo, which is loss of pigmentation in the skin although I've never heard anybody actually say it. Google returns 2,500 hits for it and nearly 2,000,000 for vitiligo.

Why you would apply it to glowing eyes that allow you to see in the dark...makes as much sense as any Trek technobabble. Besides, cat's eyes do not technically glow in the dark or emit any light, they gather in the minimal light available and reflect it very well.

Not really familiar with The Sun past page 3, but this is BS on many levels.