The Black-and-White Cut Of Mad Max: Fury Road Could Hit Theaters Next Year

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Even before Mad Max: Fury Road released (and promptly blew our socks off), Director George Miller was insistent that the film would best be viewed in black and white. After that version was sadly absent from the home release, we might be getting something even better: a chance to see the B&W version in theaters.


Prepare your most optimistic “Oh what a day” quotes, because this lovely day may have just gotten even lovelier—in an extensive profile with Screen Daily, Miller, as well as producer Doug Mitchell, shone a little light on the black and white version Fury Road. Miller reiterated that to him, it was his original intent to release the black and white cut as the “true” film—even though the actual release of the film has an outstandingly vivid and gorgeous color palette to it. But in the profile, Mitchell goes one step further:

In 2016, there might also be a black-and-white version of the film, which Miller confirms was his original intent. A greyscale and silent version was leaked online in September, although it has since been removed. Mitchell says that an official version exists and could yet receive a theatrical release.


It lives! It dies! It lives again! In Black and White! Maybe!

As the profile notes, this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had a taste of what this version of Fury Road would look like. Back in September, Mad Max: Black and Chrome, a fan-made greyscale edit without the film’s soundtrack hit Vimeo for a brief period of time.

It was a shame that this cut couldn’t be included on the Blu-ray as Miller had originally planned, but hey, you’re not gonna hear a complaint from us if we get to go and experience Fury Road on the big screen once more next year.



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David Adams

Okay, listen: this is one of those situations where “Death of the Author” comes into play for me. I respect George Miller, I respect him a whole hell of a lot after miraculously giving us this movie against all sense and Hollywood logic that should have prevented its existence. However, half the fun of Mad Max: Fury Road was its beautiful and vibrant color pallette. I mean, seriously, go back and watch that first trailer and tell me that moment where the signal flares go off during the chase scene wasn’t a wonderful little surprise to you that helped convince you this film would be something special. If George Miller wants a B&W cut of the film to exist, that’s fin, but I really do not see the reason why its needed past “the director thought it would be cool to see”