The Bionic Woman You Never Saw

Michelle Ryan may have survived the cancellation of Bionic Woman to star as the Doctor's new companion in the latest Doctor Who special, but she still misses those cyborg days according to a new interview.

Talking to the British Guardian newspaper, Ryan has much fonder memories of the show than we do:

I have very strong legs from dancing... One day I was on set and I had to kick this stunt guy. I warned everybody that if I kicked him, I would probably put him through the set wall - but the stunt guy was like, 'Yeah, whatever.' So I kicked him and he went through the wall. I loved it! We really established a fan base and I did think she could be a female Bourne. I love those films and that's the kind of dark, fast, stylish mood we were going for.


Maybe Ryan saw a different Bionic Woman than we did, but if the show had been dark, fast or stylish in any way whatsoever - never mind anything like the Bourne movies - it would probably still be around. If nothing else, I would've loved to have seen something that had the complexity, ambiguity and clarity of purpose of Bourne rather than the confusing "She's bionic and working for, uh, some guys who, like, might be dicks or something?" of the actual show. At least now I can be comforted with the knowledge that they were trying to do something worthwhile, even if they failed... and tortured by the possibilities offered by the show that wasn't.

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