The Biological Horrors Of H.R. Giger's Fleshy Landscape Paintings

Artist H.R. Giger was a master at twisting at twisting the biological and the mechanical, and even when he focused on flesh alone, he was able to create works that were truly unexpected—especially his series of biological landscapes, which like so much of Giger's works, are at once repulsive and compelling.

Top image: Landscape IX, via Museum Syndicate.

The images in this post are surreal, but some may be NSFW.

Perhaps the most famous of Giger's biological landscapes is his phallic Landscape XX (definitely NSFW), the Penis Landscape that was printed and included as a poster with the Dead Kennedys 1985 album Frankenchrist. Consequently, members of the band (and others) were charged with criminal obscenity for distributing harmful material to minors; lead singer and label owner Jello Biafra and label manager Michael Bonanno were ultimately tried, but the trial resulted in a hung jury.

These particular Giger landscapes offer something rather different than Landscape XX, however, taking us to alien worlds made of skin, muscle, and blood. And, in true Giger fashion, they show a fascination with what we typically think of as grotesque, with tumor-like mountains, ghastly pits made from oozing sores, and hilltops slick with mucous.

These images come via Museum Syndicate, which hosts images of loads of significant works of art. For added fun, you can visit the Museum Syndicate website and turn each painting into a digital jigsaw puzzle.

Landscape I


Landscape II


Landscape V


Landscape VI


Landscape VII


Landscape X

HR Giger [Museum Syndicate via 70s Sci-Fi Art]


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