Once again, Comic-Con was a massive Thunderdome in which entertainment properties entered...and only some of them left. Studios and creators battled to create buzz for their projects, and some triumphed. Here are the biggest winners and losers of Comic-Con 2015.

We spent the past few days debating this list—but opinions can differ. Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments!


Star Wars

Basically, the ultimate winner of Comic Con. They just crushed it. Even if they hadn’t had that concert after their panel, the love still would have been palpable.


The footage was so great, and it was all anybody could talk about. The shot of Deadpool shooting through three heads at once was THE shot of the con.


We loved both Lucifer and Damien, two new TV shows about the Prince of Darkness. And we had a lot of fun running into pro-Satan protestors who were up against the Jesus protestors, and also finding pro-Satan religious pamphlets scattered everywhere.


This show based on the Bradley Cooper movie was just great. People were buzzing about it all weekend.


We finally saw some footage, and OMG. Duncan Jones is clearly going all-out to get this right. Also, the display of giant statues and gear was to die for.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead

This panel had one of the longest lines that wasn’t for Hall H, and everyone seemed to feel it was totally worth it to see new footage—and Bruce Campbell! People were so pumped.

The Expanse

This Syfy series is based on incredible books by James S.A. Corey, so it had a lot to live up to. But we saw the first episode, and it really was spectacular. They’re doing everything right, and the love for this show was everywhere.

Women Who Kick Ass

Everywhere we looked, female heroes were rocking out, from Hunger Games to Supergirl. And the Women Who Kick Ass panel was one of the best panels at the show. More than ever, everybody was accepting that female badassery is just a normal part of our heroic narratives.


Zombies ruled Comic-Con. The Walking Dead launched its spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, and the first episode was great. Plus these shows OWNED the floor. And even though there was no Zombie Walk this year, Zombies were everywhere.

Con Man

This webseries with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk was all people could talk about, because the love for fandom was so apparent, and it looks like so much fun.



This virus outbreak show screened its whole pilot, and people were laughing during the serious parts. In general, this CW show seemed to generate very little excitement, sadly.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents

There was a lot of excitement going into Comic-Con, because this classic comic book had scheduled a panel during a primetime slot, promising to announce a new TV and movie franchise. We were told Hollywood A-listers would be there. And then... the panel was canceled, with zero fanfare. Just deleted from the schedule, as if it was never there.


People were seriously mocking this “tattooed naked lady with amnesia is covered with clues” show, and you saw her naked body everywhere you looked. We love Jaime Alexander, but nobody seemed to think this mystery-procedural show looked good.

Minority Report

We weren’t the only ones who thought this show based on the Spielberg movie looked like a misfire. We saw lots of negative reviews of the footage screened, and a general lack of excitement for what should have been a thrilling idea.

The DC Cinematic Universe

With Marvel not showing up this year, DC had a chance to make a big splash. They could have brought out the entire Justice League on stage, or broken some big news. Instead, it was just some neat new footage, and not much else. Huge wasted opportunity.

Jared Leto

In general, people seemed to like the Suicide Squad footage. But we interviewed fans leaving Hall H at the end of the day, and one common note was that Jared Leto’s Joker was a bust. There was a lot of disgruntlement with his version of Mr. J.

Kevin Smith

He really needed to get people pumped about his Canadian monster movie, Yoga Hosers. Unfortunately, Star Wars took everybody out of Hall H to go to a concert, and his panel was a
disaster through no fault of his own.

Fantastic Four

After seeing that insane Deadpool and X-Men footage, who even remembered having seen Fantastic Four stuff as well? They had a last chance to spark some fan interest in this new movie, and it just didn’t happen. The fact that the trailer included dialogue like “If we do this, we’re doing it my way” didn’t help.

So there you have it:

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