The Academy Awards nominations for 2015 have dropped and we are kind of reeling from the snubs. No LEGO Movie, no Snowpiercer and no Birdman score. Here's our list of the snubbed.

Tilda Swinton - Snowpiercer, Only Lovers Left Alive, Grand Budapest Hotel

Actress Tilda Swinton had a banner year. A BANNER FREAKIN' YEAR. How was this actress routinely snubbed for all three films that she absolutely shined in? She played it all with such panache, it's almost absurd that Swinton wasn't given at least one nomination. She was a vampire, a leader of an upper class society set in a dystopian train and the elderly Madame Céline Villeneuve "Madame D" Desgoffe. Swinton almost walked off with the entire train in Snowpiercer; she was that good. Such a bummer.


The LEGO Movie - Animated Feature

The LEGO Movie not getting an award for Best Animated Feature is truly a big, fat snub. And we know we're not alone in our dismay; the whole internet seems to be crying out over this absolutely bonkers omission. That being said, they did make off with gobs and gobs of money. You're going to get a LEGO Movie sequel. It's going to be OK ,because it's not going to hurt this film. Movies like Selma and Nightcrawler really could have used the nomination push to get more butts in their seats. Plus, the LEGO Movie directors have a pretty chill attitude about the utter bullshittiness of this snub.


Birdman - Score

Jazz drummer Antonio Sanchez's score for Birdman was disqualified by the Academy. We found this out back in December, but it still sucks. According to Deadline, "In dispute was the fact that even though Sanchez's drum score was dominant, comprising more than 50% of the total music, at question was the use of classical music cues for other points in the film." However, we would argue that the drum score punctuates and emphasizes most of the pivotal moments of the film and more.


Only Lovers Left Alive - Costume

OK, we agree with everyone nominated in the Costume list, however we would like to add Ruth E. Carter from Selma, Colleen Atwood from Big Eyes and (personal favorite) Bina Daigeler from Only Lovers Left Alive, because goddamn!


Toby Kebbell - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

I want to say I was surprised that Andy Serkis has yet to be nominated for his amazing work in either Lord of the Rings or in the new Apes, so no this wasn't a shock. The Academy has yet to accept the idea of digital performance as a serious contender for an acting nomination. Toby Kebbell's performance as Koba in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was nothing short of terrifying and totally immersive. We can only hope that some day in the future, the award circuit will warm up to this style of performing. On the positive side, the digital teams has been nominated for their work in Dawn. And they freakin' earned it.


Interstellar - Sound Mixing Nomination?

What? Easily the most complained about and universally agreed upon flaw with this movie. I'll see you one Interstellar and trade you for a Godzilla sound nomination.

Jorodowsky's Dune - Documentary Feature

An absolutely insane look into a unmade movie that influenced so many other films to come, and with such unfettered access! Ah well, it may be too insidery for some, but this was the behind-the-scenes look into Hollywood scifi we'd been yearning to see, forever! Another big documentary snub surprise: the film about the final days of beloved film critic Roger Ebert, Life Itself.


Gone Girl - Adapted Screenplay

Author and screenwriter Gillian Flynn managed to cut a lot out of her book and adapt the whole thing without a seriously over-burdened inner monologue. Yes, there was reading of Amy's diary, but as a whole, this was a pretty streamlined adaptation of the mystery thriller. Really shocked this one didn't make it through.


Noah - Visual Effects

Look, Interstellar had great visual effects and should totally win, but we are seriously in love with the rock people (Watchers) and everything about them from Noah. Maybe we should have put them in supporting role? I don't know, it's silly but we love the fallen angels. Plus, there's that whole beautiful scene that combined science and religion into one beautiful clip about the beginning of life and it was just magical, OK?


Snowpiercer - Production Design

Look we really, really liked Snowpiercer. But with our bias aside, Production Designer Ondrej Nekvasil and Set Decorator Beata Brendtnerova's (along with the rest of their team) work was nothing short of spectacular. They made a dystopian snow train a reality.


Selma - Everything?

Possibly the biggest upset to come out of the nomination announcement was the lack of Selma noms. Selma was nominated for Best Song and Best Picture, but that is it. Missing is the nomination for the enormously praised work of actor David Oyelowo, so is the nomination for screenplay by Paul Webb. We were certainly expecting Ava DuVernay to be nominated for Best Director. And yet, nothing. Selma is a Best Picture nomination, and yet it's seemingly absent from any of the lists of nominations that would compose a great film. It boggles the mind and is an absolute shame. Selma was robbed.


OK take to the comments, what's your biggest surprised snub of 2015?