The Biggest Mystery About The Wolverine Leak — Solved!

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A Fox exec answers your most burning question about the leaked Wolverine print. There's a new Sarah Connor clip, and Last Airbender set pics. Plus Transformers, Dragonball, Doctor Who, Ashes To Ashes, Eureka and Supernatural.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

So one question about the leaked "workprint" of the stabby one's big movie has been answered. Does it include the extra footage that director Gavin Hood shot with Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Liev Schrieber and Dominic Monaghan in Canada earlier this year? No, it doesn't, says Fox Chairman Tom Rothman. The leaked print was an early version, before those extra scenes were filmed. The final version of Wolverine will be about 10 minutes longer and will include a bunch of extra scenes. Fingers crossed that it's the best 10 minutes in movie history. [EW]


The Last Airbender:

M. Night Shyamalan is filming in Reading, PA, and the local newspaper has a bit of a plot synopsis:

The movie's screenplay (written by Shyamalan) focuses on Aang (Noah Ringer), the title character and a so-called Air nomad, who emerges from frozen hibernation inside an iceberg to discover that his village has been annihilated. The Fire nation is waging war on the other three: Air, Earth and Water.


And here are some set pics. (More at the link.) [Reading Eagle via Slashfilm]


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

I don't think we've featured these promo photos before... [SpoilerTV-Movies]


Dragonball Evolution:

James Marsters (who really does seem like an obsessive Dragonball fan) explains his character:

I play a character that was in prison for two thousand years with no mirrors. I play a character who was beautiful, powerful and sexy and he gets put into prison. The prison has no mirrors, he's in prison for two-thousand-years, he breaks out, looks into a mirror and he's old and decrepit. He hates the sheriff who put him into prison and he wants to kill the sheriff, the sheriff's family and kill the whole town that the sheriff was trying to protect. That's where Piccolo is, except the whole town in this instance is the Earth...

I'm playing this guy as a prison guy. He's spent a long time in prison and he meets this little pup that thinks he's going to stop him from getting his dragonballs. You got to be kidding me? He thinks he wants a fistfight? I've been in prison for two thousand years; I'm going to pants you, bro.


And Marsters says Piccolo isn't evil, just a guy who got on the wrong side of the Mystics and is pissed off. Also, apparently the message of Dragonball is "You can't chop off your own balls." (Well, it's a bit more lengthy than that.) [Comic Book Resources]

Director James Wong explains a bit more about how that pantsing comes about:

By itself, each dragonball doesn't do anything but if you get them all together, the legend is they will grant the holder one perfect wish. Goku gets this crazy gift on his birthday, but is trying to be a normal teenager. He's interested in a girl too but what happens is his grandfather is killed by Piccolo, who is also looking for the dragonballs. We discover in Earth's history, Piccolo was a warrior who came from another planet to conqueror us. In the past, he was captured by these mystics and entombed. Piccolo, Goku, and his band are in a race to get these dragonballs because something is going to happen when the blood moon eclipses the sun in a few short days.



Doctor Who:

The newest issue of Doctor Who Magazine reportedly says the final David Tennant episode features the word "Naismith" somewhere. And eagle-eyed fans spotted an advertisement on the side of "Planet Of The Dead"'s London bus, with "Naismith" in it. Is this the 2009 specials' new version of "Bad Wolf"? [Doctor Who Forum]


Also, a few more details about the filming we reported on the other day, featuring the Doctor and Wilf, at Tredegar House. Apparently the Doctor and Wilf had a scene inside the stables, where "The Next Doctor" was filmed, featuring lots of extra hay. And someone inside the house was tied to a chair. Meanwhile, here's a couple new videos of the scene where one of the party (wedding?) guests, named Joshua, runs outside and drops to his knees. The woman with him, Abigail, tries to talk to him, but when he doesn't respond she runs away. [Planet Gallifrey]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

The official blog released a couple clues about tonight's episode:

What: The Connors close in on Skynet and battle lines are drawn. When John attempts to rescue Skynet's latest target he finds himself closing in on Weaver, but at what cost? Game plans change, causing Sarah and Ellison to reunite. Meanwhile, Weaver learns Ellison's secrets.

Why: "Let me talk to Weaver." -Sarah Connor

And there's a second clip from tonight's episode. Oh, it is on. (Also, I love the user comments on the Youtube page, about how maybe Cameron dies, but then John kisses her and brings her back to life, more human than before because she's experienced the Power Of Love. Heh.) [Fox via Sarah Connor Society]


Some more details about the next episode, "Jump The Shark," which features the third Winchester brother. Adam Milligan (Jake Abel) is the product of a hookup between John Winchester (early on in his monster-hunting days) and Kate Mullany. Adam's life is changed when he transforms into a monster. [Ace Showbiz]



What happens in season 3.5, starting up in July? Star Colin Ferguson explains:

Nathan [Ed Quinn] dies, and Salli [Richardson-Whitfield's] character is pregnant. So that picks up right after there, where Salli is pregnant through the whole season. One of Joe [Morton's] ... I keep using the actors' names ... One of Joe's long-lost loves comes back. My character has a love interest all the way through. And then Jordan [Hinson], my daughter, deals with "Is she going to go to college and leave Eureka or is she going to stay?" So all that stuff gets resolved.


[Sci Fi Wire]


Here's a sneak peek at next Monday's episode:

Ashes To Ashes:

The BBC spin-off to the original Life On Mars is starting up again soon, and here's the trailer for season two. [Cathode Ray Tube]

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