The Big-Screen Adaptation of Stephen King's It Is Finally Happening

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After spending half a decade in development purgatory, it looks like Stephen King's seminal horror novel is finally getting the cinematic treatment. True Detective helmer Cary Fukunaga is currently on board to direct the first of two feature films, and is reportedly "closing a deal to co-write the second."


Vulture got the scoop from the project's producer, Dan Lin:

"The idea is to start official prep in March for a summer shoot," said Lin. "Cary likes to develop things for a while, and we've been with this for about three or four years, so we're super excited that he stayed with it. You guys are gonna be really excited."

Lin says his big plan is to split King's sprawling novel into two movies. "The book is so epic that we couldn't tell it all in one movie and service the characters with enough depth," explained Lin; the first film, then, will be a coming-of-age story about the children tormented by It, while the second will skip ahead in time as those same characters band together to continue the fight as adults.


Sounds interesting. Personally, I'm on board. But here's I, and, let's face it, everyone really wants to know: Who out there honestly thinks they have what it takes to fill Tim Curry's creepy-ass clown-shoes?

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(SPOILER for a 29 year old book) I just hope they leave out the terribly awkward group sex that's a bigger "WTF" moment than anything Pennywise does.