The Omega Code is one of those great Christian apocalypse movies. This eye-popping, Tom Cruisian scene introduces Satan's future (unwitting) helper, a motivational speaker who thinks the Bible is a holographic computer program . . . in 3D!

I'm sad that I can't show you every single moment in this fine film, especially when we meet Satan himself - played by Michael "Logan's Run" York, who is a Nobel Peace Prize dude who wants to make peace in the Middle East. Always a sign of evil. As Satan consolidates his power, using the spectacularly awesome Bible Code that the motivational speaker is talking about, his only foes are two guys with really bad scarves.

Apparently, bad scarves (and occasionally really awful shawls) make you holy. Especially if you have a tidy, salt-and-pepper beard. Motivational speaker dude is torn between wanting to help Satan, wanting to occasionally see his kid (but not really), and wanting to jump over sofas on talk shows and scream like Tom Cruise while high on Scientology.


The plot is your basic Dan Brownian motion - get the final Bible Code and you have Infinite Power. Or at least, you have a laser printout from your 3D holographic Bible computer thing!

There is also a sequel to this movie, which we've already shared with you, and which also has very little to do with what happened in this movie.


The Omega Code via IMDB