As we’ve discussed on several occasions, Frank Miller’s insane All-Star Batman and Robin comic is one of the worst interpretations of Batman ever, but it is also massively entertaining anyways. And now, it turns out Miller might return to finish the epic where Batman so memorably called Robin “retarded.”

Here’s the deal: Miller has returned to comics to finish the also insane but far less fun Dark Knight Returns “trilogy”, and Jim Lee says DK3 won’t be his last DC project. Lee also told Comic Book Resources that he actively wants to “close out” ASB&R, and given that he’s the co-publisher, he’s kind of in a position to make this happen.

Lee also says that Miller has “a great ending to the story and a really cool final scene that was described to me that is just classic.” Given that this is the comic where Batman painted a room and himself yellow solely to troll Green Lantern, I can’t wait to find out what it could possibly be. I can only pray it involves Batman, Wonder Woman, and sperm banks.

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