The Best Werewolf Transformations: A Demented Video Tribute

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Werewolves are sick creatures, whether they're ripping off your man-bits, turning into a puddle, or sprouting were-boobs. But we love watching them turn from human to flesh-ripping, hairy berserkers. Check out our video tribute to the best werewolf transformations.


Can you name them all?

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I spy, with my little eye... WTF was that first one?!? That was sick, man!

Also, what, no love for Dog Soldiers? Those were the best werewolves ever. Seriously, they were lean, fast, and scary like real wolves- not fat, bloated and chunky. Then again, there have been a LOT of werewolf movies over the years. Hard to get clips of them all...


Ok, here goes - without research.

1 is an unknown,

2 is an unknown,

3 is Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, 4 is Twilight: New Moon,

5 is one of the Ginger Snaps movies (but I forget which one),

6 is the Wolfman?

7 is Wolf,

8 is completely unknown,

9 is An American Werewolf in London,

10 is Thriller,

11 is unknown,

12 is the Wolfman,

13 is An American Werewolf in Paris? 14 is unknown,

15 is unknown but the dude looks like the guy from the second movie, and -

last but not least -

16 is I Was a Teenaged Werewolf.

I'm certain other io9ers have labeled my unknowns below, but I've held off on reading those until I tested mah skillz.