Revolution is going for broke this season with heightened violence, but it's also grown a snarky sense of humor. This scene is a perfect example. Spoilers ahead!

This is the scene where Google's girlfriend tries to go all "it's a miracle" on the geek's nano-enhancements. And Google's response — betrayal, and then a sarcastic "yay!" — are pitch-perfect for a nerd who has to deal with someone trying to explain a scientific phenomenon by invoking God. It's also a scene that's connected with the very best aspects of this episode, where we realize A) the nanotech is starting to go nuts, with all those fireflies, Google's resurrection, then the rat apocalypse; B) Google is somehow the working prototype for nano-humanity; and C) kids are learning the legend of Ghostbusters in school.


That said, I could have done without Google's vision of Rachel's dead husband. I could have done without pretty much every damn whiny scene with Rachel (and crying Google). And I almost smacked my monitor when Charlie tried to take down Monroe with her bare hands. Really? You don't bring a gun or knife to fight psycho street fighter fascist dictator guy?

I'm pretty excited about Miles tangling with the kiddie porn headmaster guy. Miles is all "shrug" and then Kiddie Porn does a full Game of Thrones with a hammer on Miles' sword hand!

This is the face that I make every time I confront the evil overlord of a gang of feral libertarians.

Speaking of feral libertarians, Neville has devious plans to work his way into the US president's inner circle so that he can do something much worse than kill the POTUS. I'm starting to get a little confused about the US map in this show — I wish they'd show us what territory is occupied by Kiddie Porn, Texas, Monroe, etc. So US Prez is trying to suck up to the Georgia military? And what was his beef with Philly and Atlanta? Are people in this future organized into cities, states, or new confederacies like Monroe's thing and whatever is going on in Kiddie Porn's territory?

Maybe we'll find out more, or maybe we'll just have tearful daddy issue times as Rachel drags her dad along on the quest to rescue Miles. Who — how much do you want to bet he'll have to drink Google's blood to fix his hand?

Tune in next week, when the nanotech becomes conscious but all it wants to do is feed everybody context-specific ads.