We've combed through New York City's annual Toy Fair to bring you all the best and the brightest toys, treasures, costumes and action figures presented this year. And what we found is both amazing and awesomely terrifying. Behold a sentient Barbie, virtual reality View-Masters and Block!

Virtual Reality View-Master

View-Master partnered up with Google Cardboard to update the View-Master into a completely insane virtual reality experience. Here's what the upgraded View-Master will eventually look like, and with it comes three View-Master cards: one on San Francisco, another on space and a third that's dinosaur-centric. It's like Oculus for kids and very educational.


This new Barbie can carry on a conversation with its owner. Because it's learning.

This creation is actually amazing. Unfortunately, my video cut out right when the demonstrator asked her what she should be when she grows up, and Barbie's response was, "Well, I know you like being on stage, which can be exciting so maybe a politician or a dancer? Or a dancing politician?" And then later the DOLL REMEMBERS THE PIZZA! It's absolutely freaky. Barbie will only get smarter as time goes on and she gets to know you better. Also, she will be connected to the cloud, where she will receive updates about interesting topics that are currently popular with children. So don't get creeped out if she randomly sits up and asks if you saw last night's episode of My Little Pony. It's totally normal.


Also in huge huge huge huge huge huge HUGE Barbie news, the lady is getting articulated ankles so she can finally wear flats. It's about damn time. Here's Barbie in her new 2015 career as a "director."

Ant-Man Ant Farm

An ANT-MAN ANT FARM. This is just the most obvious toy on the plane, created by Uncle Milton. And. We. Love. It.

Real-Life Growing Groot

Yes! This is a real-life growing Groot! And for all the information you need, head over to Gizmodo's Toyland, which has all the details on this adorable little tree baby and a whole lot of great Toy Fair reporting including this inflatable Captain's chair and RC Pterodactyl. Also via Uncle Milton.


A tiny little robot that can recognize color coding and optical coding. You can program the little droid to travel across any line you draw, and color changes or dashes can also be programmed to tell the robot to speed, slow down, turn around and even dance. It's adorable.

LEGO Spaceport

We feel in love with LEGO's spaceport. We missed these kinds of toys. LEGO also has a pretty impressive TIE Fighter this year.

Tribble Purse from Crowded Coop.

Zombie Chew Toy via Crowded Coop.

Star Trek Laptop Bags via Crowded Coop.


Unicorn Kitty

Two great tastes that taste great together.

I Am Elemental

Female action figures with realistic waistlines and interchangeable parts and skills. "Give a girl a different toy and she will tell a different story." Each hero is named after various "elements of courage."

Borg Cube via NECA.

Massive Alien Display INCLUDING JONES THE CAT via NECA

Planet of the Apes via NECA

The Penguin from NECA.

ET from NECA.

Gremlins Deep Cuts from NECA.

Rat King's Daughter

The latest addition to the Monster High dolls has completely blown our minds. Her name is Mouscedes King™ and she is the daughter to the Rat King. Yes that's right the RAT KING, New York legend and monster made up of hundreds of rats, twisted together via tail, to form one ultimate King. And this is his daughter. Via Mattel.

Monster High Castle Via Mattel

Furbacca via Hasbro.

Mattel's bilingual cat teaches kids Spanish.

Star Wars Finger Puppet Planes.Ghostbusters

Adorable Ghostbusters plushies from Underground Toys.

Colossal Walking Dead Prison Attack from McFarlane Toys.

Aeromax Toys Commander Space Suit

Aeromax Toys puts QR Codes on their inflatable space shuttle that activates educational videos on a smart phone.

Totoro Watering Pot From Beast Kingdom.

No Face Flower Vase from Beast Kingdom.

Floating Iron Man via Beast Kingdom.

Via Beast Kingdom.

Flash T-Shirt Journal from Bif Bang Pow.

Breaking Bad Bear from Mezco Toys.

75th Anniversary Bugs Bunny from Mezco Toys.

Lammily Dolls

Dolls that look like actual human people. With normal waste lines and "marking" stickers, you can give your Lammily doll tattoos, stitches, even cellulite.

Giant Microbes now has tiny ornament packages of various microbes!


An absolutely stunning take on building blocks. The brutalism series teaches kids to think outside the classic block structure and also allows them to experiment with gravity, structure and space. Plus they're absolutely stunning.

Earlier this week we did a round up of FUNKO toys, but here's an even more detailed looks at the many figures Funko unleashed this year.

Inside Out

Garbage Pail Kids


Big Trouble Little China


Jupiter Ascending

Family Guy


American Horror Story

Battlestar Galactica


The Breakfast Club

Orphan Black

Star Wars Vader Unmasked

Hulkbuster via Hasbro. Even more Marvel figures over at Toybox.

And finally the very best toy in all of Toy Fair: