The Best Top Gun Video of the Week Features X-Wing Fighters

Lock S-Foils in attack positions!
Lock S-Foils in attack positions!
Photo: Lucasfilm

On May 16, 1986, Tom Cruise jumped into a fighter jet and flew right into the Danger Zone, as well as our hearts. With a Top Gun sequel coming out at some point this year, and a recent 4K Blu-ray release, you’ve probably seen lots of videos and articles about the 34-year-old film this week.

Throw them all away. It’s time for the best Top Gun video you’ve seen yet. And it’s all X-Wings.


Last month, YouTuber Jackson McKay made a Star Wars sizzle reel set to the Kenny Loggins banger from the hit 1986 film. And it fucking rules. The best part is, he specifically waited until he could use footage from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. No matter what you think of that film, there’s no arguing it’s got some badass X-Wing footage in it. And so, here it is, all set to an all-time classic.

Watching this reminds me of when Disney announced it was making a movie called Rogue One and everyone assumed that meant it was the X-Wing pilot movie of our dreams. Now, the final product was pretty awesome anyway, and while there are books like Alphabet Squadron that tell stories of starfighters, the idea would still make a pretty great movie. Kind of like...Top Gun meets Star Wars.


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Sorry, as a professional editor, I couldn’t help but notice that... They left a flash frame in there. At the 2:03 mark. (There might have been another one earlier. I hate whenever I miss them, personally)

Other than that? Pretty good!