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Author Neil Gaiman is putting some of his cultural capital into creating a new boutique audiobook label through — and the best part of it is that he may be exposing fans of literary fiction to a few unappreciated science fiction gems. In particular, he's featuring A Dimension of Miracles by Robert Sheckley, narrated by John Hodgman. Gaiman tells

It's such a great book. There is no one who likes A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or who cares about what Douglas Adams did who wouldn't enjoy it, but I needed a voice for it that is as iconic as Peter Jones' or Stephen Fry's - a voice that would have that kind of quality, but also be American.


He's also featuring the Tiptree Award-winning Light by M. John Harrison, which he calls "a challenging, weird work that in many ways defines what's most interesting about early 21st-century science fiction." Here's hoping that this venture does expose some avid listeners (and readers) to these two under-appreciated authors. []


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