We love these photographs and gifs created by Ken Lin and his friends, who posed for them in many of the same kinds of California landscapes that provided the "alien world" backdrops for the original Star Trek series. The results are crazy and adorable.

These pictures are taken from Lin's "Into California" and "Red is Dead" series. I love the combination of badassery and camp.

Watch out!

Hey, it's Data's head.

Shooting, dancing, freaking out ... whatever.

Why didn't Starfleet ever carry their guns like gangsters in a cheesy action movie?

No Trek without lens flare.

This is just flat-out beautiful, and the people in it look like action figures.

I feel like this is exactly the kind of face that Kirk would make when fighting an alien in a pool of methane.

I am hoping that one day I will be able to do this with the power of my mind.

After a hard day on the away team, everybody gets popsicles.

So the redshirt is dead. Whatever. Let's have a beer.

See more adventures of Lin and his crew on Lin's website.

(h/t Brian Lam)