The Best Scene in Batman Begins Comes to Life in an Impressive Group Art Show

Batman Begins by Chris Skinner. All Images: Hero Complex

Hundreds of bats fly to Batman’s aid as he valiantly tries to save his love from a deadly poison. The two escape in a rooftop Batmobile car chase and the rest is history. This moment from Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins is a moment I never want to forget. And now, thanks to a new art show, I’ll never have to.

The above poster by Christopher Skinner is just one of many, many new posters in an art show called Soldiers of Fourtune, which opens June 2 at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. It’s a group show of limited edition posters by four artists: Skinner, Adam Rabalais, Patrick Connan, and Tom Miatke. Each has done brand new works for several popular cult films, including The Princess Bride, Ghost in the Shell, The Lost Boys, Evil Dead 2, and many more.


Hero Complex prefers to keep most of the art secret until the doors open, but we’re exclusively revealing one poster from each artist. You see Skinner’s above, and here are three other super cool posters from Soldiers of Fourtune.

Willy Wonka by Adam Rabalais
Fellowship of the Ring by Tom Miatke
Princess Mononoke by Patrick Connan

The show opens June 2nd at 7 p.m. at Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles. All posters will go online on June 3. For more information, and the online posters, visit the official website.

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