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The Best Sampled Lines from Scifi in Music

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We've already told you about the scifi-themed songs you might be entertained (or tortured) by if you end up stranded on Asteroid B17-X. But the music-scifi relationship goes both ways: music has been sampling your favorite scifi movies and shows for years. When a musician decides to include a line from Solaris (the original, not the Clooney remake) in their work, that frightens us. Sometimes though, they get it right. We've got a list of the most-sampled scifi in the world of music.

  • Blade Runner: This movie has been sampled from everyone from Sigue Sigue Sputnik to Paul Haig, but it's Gary Numan who has a real love affair with it. He's used it in at least four different songs. It's been one of the most sampled movies used in music, particularly by electronica and punk bands. Wonder if the replicants would like this stuff.
  • Star Trek: New Order and Jesus Jones have used lines from Star Trek in their songs, but the most popular song to borrow from Trek was "What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)" by Information Society. Spock's voice repeating "Pure energy" over and over was the hook for this number, and they ended up having to put (Pure Energy) in the title so people would know what this was.
  • Dune: Dark and moody electronica and pseudo-goth music is attracted to Dune like the Harkonnen clan is to the spice. The trippy speech describing what the spice does is has been used by trancepop bands like Aphrodite to Astral Projection, and it makes you wish that stuff was real.
  • RoboCop 2: Probably not the first movie that would spring to mind when you you think about killer samples. Front Line Assembly seriously mined this movie for their song Mindphaser, and made a killer scifi video to go with it.
  • THX 1138: Electronica group Front 242 tossed in ten lines from this movie into their "Operating Tracks" song, and hopefully helped expose more people to this movie. Plus, if it was good enough for Babyland and Nine Inch Nails, who are we to argue?

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Josh Wimmer

Let us not forget the Trek theme homage that kicks off Mef's first solo album, even if his memory might be a little fuzzy....