Wondering what former Heroes' writer/producer Jeph Loeb is doing now that he's no longer on the show? Or what happened to Sylar's brain eating? Marvel Comics have the (somewhat gross) answer to both questions.

From the latest issue of Loeb's current high-profile Marvel series, Ultimatum:


You may be wondering what's going on there, because what you're seeing doesn't make that much sense, so I'll happily confirm: That is X-Men villain The Blob eating former Avenger (or, considering this is the Ultimate universe, "former Ultimate") The Wasp.

Now, last time I checked, The Blob wasn't actually a cannibal... he was just a guy whose superpower was being really, really fat (A superpower that, let's face it, should belong to someone like Tenzil Kem). But then again, this is the self-consciously "extreme" Ultimate Universe version of the character, as well as the somewhat bombastic Jeph Loeb, a man for whom cannibalism is apparently just one of the many traits of a successful supervillain.

I have to admit, seeing this scene brings about two reactions in me. Firstly, sadness for poor Wasp, who has just been killed for the second time in a month (The "regular Marvel Universe" version of the character died at the conclusion of the publisher's big Secret Invasion series), and perhaps most importantly, happiness at the realization that, with Loeb no longer involved with the NBC drama, we're much less likely to see Hayden Panettiere being eaten on network television.

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