We launched our io9 Movie Mondays with a live-tweeting of David Lynch's Dune. If you weren't able to take part in the joy, fun, or seasons in the sun, here are the highlights of last night.

We all cued up the theatrical cut of David Lynch's Dune on Netflix Instant (or on your own DVD) and Tweeted our way through it. Below, you'll find the cream of the sleepy, partially intoxicated crop. (For the entire event, bounce over here.)


We'll try this again next Monday with a new film but, for now, let's relive the glory:

@io9commentary Tonight: David Lynch's Dune, a ponderous, ambitious misfire if ever there was one. Plus, crazy-ass Sean Young.


@io9commentary I swear to jeebus, I used to have this score, and I'd play it on my way home from work late at night...riding on top of the cab, natch. BECAUSE I AM A FIGHTER!

@Queensowntalia Its amazing how bad computer graphics are in the year 10,000 something.

@io9commentary Hey, Guild Navigator's Face. How you doing? What, nah, baby. I'm no Bene Gesserit. You like champale? Man, I wanna tap that.


@io9commentary You know how they always say, "show don't tell." (That's what she said!) This movie, for the first 10 mins, is all tell.

@io9commentary "Moods are a thing for cattle or loveplay, not fighting" will neither get you laid or out of a fight.

@io9commentary "The slow blade penetrates the shield" will also not get you laid. FWIW.


@io9commentary I'm pretty sure they sell "weirding modules" in the West Village. Or, at least, modules that make things weird.

@io9commentary "THE SLEEPER MUST AWAKEN!" It comes at 20 minutes in, exactly when you need to codify the hero's quest.

@io9commentary I can't be the only one who, at least once, tried to use The Voice. Just like I've tried to use the Force.


@io9commentary I'm pretty sure the reverend mother is describing herpes. "First, you will feel an itching...and that itching will become a burning..."

@io9commentary Show of hands: Who has ever used the Fear Mantra in real life?

@SeanPace I must not fear, fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death that brings total obliteration...


@FrahFrah Ok, mentats are way creepier in this movie. Then again, everything is way creepier in this movie. Kermit would be petrifying

@io9commentary "He who controls the spice, controls the universe! And controls the bald floral ladyboys."


@io9commentary I mean, there's lots of reasons why this movie failed. But together, they all build this kind of monument to monomania.

@io9commentary "Look, there's a model of a sand planet down there!"

@engnr_chik I think my netflix stream just switched to Tremors #Dune

@io9commentary GIANT HUNGRY PENIS.

@io9commentary "Mmmm...spice tastes nutty. Okay, who's been rubbing their balls on my spice?"


@FrahFrah Last time I drank to this movie, we drank whenever they differed from the book, and when we saw sand. Bad call all around

@thingofwonder #io9moviemonday makes my sleepless night all worth it. Dune like you've never seen it before

@io9commentary "I want to spit once, on your head. Just some spittle on your face." Damn, Baron. You gots to pay extra for that.


@io9commentary If the Baron's got a special guy to deal with his pimples, how could he miss that GIANT FRAGGING ONE ON HIS FOREHEAD?

@io9commentary Hey, it's Hot Lips the Guild Navigator again...saucy little minx.

@io9commentary "You carry my unborn sister in your womb." Well, THAT made it awkward.


@io9commentary "We have entered the time when all will turn against us and seek out lives. You know, Thursday."

@FrahFrah I think the only thing more terrifying than a slug vagina is a worm dick with teeth. I mean, dear god, Herbert ruins sex

@io9commentary Did Paul just say, when the GIANT PENIS was crashing the rocks, "Do you smell it?!"


@io9commentary "When we have enough water, we will change the face of Arrakis. So get to pissing, boy."

@io9commentary Okay, Sting. What I want you to do here is preen like a prize pony, but flare your eyes like Grace Jones. Got it?


@io9commentary So here's the part where Paul decides to stay in his Avatar body for good, right?

@nicholaslee I'm so glad the Chani/Paul relationship isn't sudden and develops naturally. oh, wait.

@io9commentary POWER CHORDS! TOTO!

@FrahFrah Wow, John Hughes should have slapped the shit out of Lynch for that desecration of a love scene


@nicholaslee I just realized this movie's casting for the harkonnens set back gingers a good twenty years

@io9commentary2 "We have wormsign the likes of which God has never seen." I used to say that when entering a bar with too many dudes.

@engnr_chik You know what this movie needs? More exposition. #Dune

@io9commentary2 "And how can this be? He IS the Kwizatz Haderach!" And....scene.

@Queensowntalia aw come on guys.. that was awesome. See you next time. :)