When Mad-Maxian bikers team up with riot cops with lion badges to attack your little town, what are you going to do? You're pretty much screwed. That's the message of 2020 Texas Gladiators, a post-apocalyptic action movie filmed in Italy. (You know it's Texas because they occasionally write "TEXAS" in big letters on the buildings.) This scene strikes me as a more scifi, but much cheaper, version of the Ravenwood stand-off from post-nuclear-disaster show Jericho. Click through to learn more.

Right before this clip, the town has managed to fight off a wave of bikers with crazy hair and makeup. But they rejoice too soon — the bikers call in their corporate security guard brothers, who shred the town's defenses so the bikers can build a giant ramp and jump in.

I really can't possibly do 2020 Texas Gladiators as much justice as the master, Joe-Bob Briggs, in his write-up. (In a nutshell, it starts with zombies attacking nuns in a Texas monastery, only to be rescued by rednecks, then it leads to bikers attacking the plucky little town, with the help of the guys in jumpsuits. Fight fight fight fight fight. The end.) But here are a couple of observations:


  • The brief scene, between the zombie-monastery attack and the biker/riot cop attack, where the bearded guy keeps the town's refinery from blowing up and then gives a little speech, totally reminded me of Jericho. For about 30 seconds, you think this might actually turn into a post-apocalyptic survival movie, instead of just a big spaghetti Mad Max kung-fu battle in Texas.
  • How awesome is it that the riot shields are basically just a flimsy frame with a giant hole in them? And then there's a "force field" effect added in post. The movie ends with the bald guy walking down the street, alone, with one of those riot shields. Everybody's shooting at him, to no effect. And then one guy tosses a hatchet from a rooftop. And somehow, that gets through. Why? We'll never know.