If our homes are our castles, then they should reflect all the things that we love the most in the world, right? So if anyone in your life has failed to make their house into a home, than you can give them anything in this guide and walk away knowing you have made their lives better.

We've all been guilty of leaving walls undecorated, so here are the best geeky posters and artwork you can give to make sure that bare walls are a thing of the past. And, if you somehow need help buying for someone who has covered their walls, we have a few suggestions for other home decor, too.

Fiction-Inspired Art

In this category, we've got all the art that's based on beloved properties. From comics to TV to movies, this art's got you covered.

DC Bombshell Posters - $11.99 each at Think Geek: For the Venn Diagram of people interested in comics characters and vintage posters.

Here we've got a stark poster of a classic villain— which is hinting at an amazing reveal — the brightest Terminator we've ever seen, and the unsettling eyes of a velociraptor.


"The Manic Behind The Mask" By Raj Khatri, $40 at Hero Complex Gallery/"Terminator" By Van Orton Design, $40 at Hero Complex Gallery/"Jurassic Park" By The Ninjabot, $25.00 at Hero Complex Gallery

These are sumply stunning tributes. Studio Ghibli Stained Glass Triptych by Chris Petersen, $51.30-$57 on etsy

Andy Fairhurst's "Superhero Kids" series coveres pretty much every character you can think of — not all of them heroes — and then gives child silhouettes all their powers. Superhero Kids Series (Thor Kid, Iron Kid, and Captain Kid pictured) by Andy Fairhurst, 8" x 9" $14/13" x 15" $18/17" x 20" $26/22" x 26" $31 on society6

The venerable Gallery 1988 gives us our next three entries: a complicated tracking of Star Trek, a tribute to a replicant, and a look inside the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.


"Paths of Trek" by Andrew DeGraff, $85 on Gallery 1988/ "Pris" by Nan Lawson, $30 on Gallery 1988/ "Terrified Beyond The Capacity For Rational Thought" by Bennett Slater, $35 on Gallery 1988

In this series of prints, DC heroes and their Marvel equivalents invite you to compare them. Some are obvious better than the others and some make you wonder why both of the major comic companies went with these ideas.

"Little Friends" Series by Darren Rawlings, 4 for $30 or all of them for $220 on Thinkmore

Only four are pictured here, but every character you can imagine has had their famous mode of transportation turned into a quarter-powered ride.


"25 Cent Wonder Series" by Patrick Ballestros on Big Cartel. Pictured: "Bosom Buddies," $8/"Who's There," $8/ "Time Flies," $8/ "Going Green," $8

Three different ones now. For the person still mourning Nickelodeon's baffling choices with Legend of Korra, the first print is perfect. Jeff Victor has a couple of these character evolution prints out there, but we love Princess Leia the most. Similarly, Chet Phillips has brought this style to a number of different things, but King Kong and Godzilla battling it out is a heart-stopper.


Legend of Korra: Geof Darrow Art Print, $64.99 on Nickelodeon/"Evolution of Princess Leia" by Jeff Victor on Big Cartel/"Boss Battle" by Chet Phillips, $25 on etsy

There are a number of great concepts on display in I Am 8 Bit's Sequel show, but, if we're being honest, it's really Spaceballs III that hits us hardest. That, and the the realization that 2084 is much closer than we think.


From the "Sequel" Show at I Am 8 Bit: "2084" by Goncalo Viana, $80/"Beetlejuice 2" by Muxxi, $50/"Spaceballs III: The Search for Spaceballs II" by Nikkolas Smith, $55/"Labyrinth 2: Return of the Goblin King" by Ruben Ireland, $80

You can't actually buy a Proton Pack, but you can give the gift of pretending that you live in a world where they are for sale. Ghostbusters Tech Poster Set, $34.95 on Qmx

Only a few posters are available on Mondo right now, but the book, while pricey, is a trasure trove of beautiful art. "Ghost Rider" by Methane Studios, $40 on Mondo/"Storm" by Neal Russler, $40 on Mondo/Mondo Book Vol. 5: MondoCon Edition, $200 on Mondo

Art in the style of Alphonse Mucha is always a popular genre, and for good reason. And if anyone is ripe for the rendering, it's women of Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones Prints by Elin J, $17.95-$62.95 on Society6

All three of these posters have a minial use of color, but are no less beautiful for it.


"Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" By Chris Brake, $6o on Hero Complex Gallery/"It's a Trap" by Justonesacrf, $12.50 on etsy/"RoboCop" Variant By Hanzel Haro, $45.00 on Hero Complex Gallery

Generally Geeky

If you're buying for someone a little less into pop culture, here's the art to look at.

These are perfect for the history nerd in your life. And for the person obsessed with the weird mysteries of the past.

"Inspired by True Events" Posters by Fernando Reza, $30 on Reza's Site

There's a classic and colorful retro-style rocket on the left and one of many collages which combine flora with human anatomy on the right.


"EXPLORE" Retro Sci-fi poster by Jazzberry Blue, $22-$69 (Depending on size) on etsy/"beauty in the brains" anatomical brain collage art by bedelgeuse, $14.44-$66.66 (depending on size) on Society6/

Richard Solis' art imagines a world where the beautiful patterns on animals and insects are the careful labor of a number hardworkers. It's a great combination of natural drawing and fanciful imagination.

"love dance" by Ricardo Solis, $24. This and more on Solis' site

Both a useful poster for birdwatchers and a source of "show us your tits" puns.

"Tits of the World" by Jada Finch, $14.94-54.95 (depending on size) on Society6

Dorothy is home to the book map, the song map, and the movie map. The Book Map is above,with a fictional city with districts, parks, and bodies of water named after novels. For the bibliophile who could happily spend hours figuring out the puns and the relationships to the land.

Book Map, £25 on Dorothy

These prints by Ciaran Duffy are great for adults, but absolutely smashing for children. We especially recommend the female astronaut prints for inspiring little girls.


"Collins," $15-$20 (depending on size) on inprnt/"Curiosity," $15-20 (depending on size) on imprnt/Sally Ride, $15-$40 (depending on size) on imprnt

We all love merging something packed full of information of some of our favorite extinct creatures with lovely art.


Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period Poster, $12.99 on American Museum of Natural History/Pterosaur Poster, $19.95 on American Museum of Natural History

Michele Banks' artologica store on etsy is a great source of biology-themed art. Here we have "Yellow and Orange Mitochondria" for $75 and "Cell Division in Purple and Blue" for $145

Home Decor

This category's for the next level geek. The person who has gone beyond mere wall decorations and is in need of far more extensive geek decor.

For the space-enthusiast who is really looking to make a statement in their bedroom, you can't go wrong with any of these.


Galaxy Bedding, $158 by Anlye/Nebula Rug, $2,190 by SCHÖNSTAUB/Nebula Towel, $133 by SCHÖNSTAUB

Everyone needs a good drinking vessel with some geeky personality, right?

Erlenmeyer Flask Spirit Decanter, $24.99 on Think Geek/ Robocup, $26.42 on Amazon/ Tea Raptor Mug by Emily Willoughby, $18.95 on Zazzle

While you're at it, why not make sure their furniture is protected with some nice geeky coasters to put their new mugs on?


Just Like Us Coaster Set — Includes: Ice Cream (TMNT), Doughnuts (Robocop), Mourning (Bob Ross), Photography (Batman) by Mike Mitchell, $40 on Gallery 1988/"Showdowns Coaster Set #1" — Includes Beetlejuice, Officespace, Back To The Future, Ghost by Scott C, $35 on Gallery 1988/"Showdowns Coaster Set #2" — Includes Breakfast Club, Labyrinth, Jurassic Park, The Warriors by Scott C., $35 on Gallery 1988

And next to the glasses and coasters, some other things for the kitchen. You can go with either the dinosaur (for your more science-inclined geek friend) or TARDIS (for your pop-culture-inclined geek friend).


Dinosaur Fossil Dinner Plate, $19.99 on American Museum of Natural History/Set of 4 TARDIS plates, $29.99 on Think Geek

And, finally, if you find yourself trying to buy for a friend who already has a full set of glasses, mugs, plates, coasters, towels, and bedding, why not see if they need a new table?

Abyss Table, £9,800 on Duffy/More topographic table choices in this post

Thanks to Mika McKinnon, James Whitbrook, and Charlie Jane Anders for their suggestions