The Best Geek Rockers Ever to Sing About Tatooine and the Time Cube

When I lived in Boston, one of the things I lived for (besides Herrell's ice cream) was the chance to see local indie nerd band Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives. They bounce out poppy odes to people who park badly, the planet Tatooine, chairs (yes, they have a song about chairs), the Time Cube meme, and their song "Hey" is featured in videogame Guitar Hero. And the guys in Honest Bob have been at it since the 1990s, rocking the geek underground long before Jonathan Coulton sold us all out. Now you have a chance to hear their new single, and see them in New York tomorrow night.

Bassist and techie journalist geek Greg Huang writes in to say that Honest Bob is playing a rare one-night show in New York City at Sullivan Hall. You can buy tickets from the Sullivan Hall website. Or if you're like me and you can't fly 3,000 miles to NYC even to bask in the tunes of Honest Bob, you can feel the surf-nerd vibe of their new single, Soy Bomb, on their MySpace page. Soy Bomb is featured in Guitar Hero II, by the way, if it sounds familiar.


If you haven't ever gotten into Honest Bob before, I recommend you start with the album Second and Eighteen, if only because it includes the world's most awesome song ever: Time Cube.

Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives [official site]

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