You fools have probably forgotten the greatness that is Alien vs. Predator. I'm here to correct that by showing you two moments in this film where asskicking reaches epic proportions, along with awesome human/Predator body-modification bonding.

So this crew of dumb rich people and craven scientists hires a survival-skill expert named Alexa Woods to take them to a giant alien relic buried deep beneath the Antarctic ice. Right away, you know this is a bad idea for people who wish to avoid tentacle acid death.

And so it's not surprising that everybody gets locked inside the relic while several Ridley Scott-style aliens are ritualistically hatched and a gang of Predators hunt them for sport. Slowly all the humans are picked off, but Alexa is smart enough to know she should throw in her lot witn the Predator. Though she stole his gun, she decides to give it back and hope he'll fight with her against the drooly ones.


That's when the scene above starts. After a whole bunch of awesome fighting, during which time Predator makes Alexa some weapons out of an alien exoskeleton, this next scene happens. They've just blown the entire relic into a giant hole in the ice and they share a tender moment . . . which involves Predator branding Alexa with the acid from an alien claw. This movie just rules.

Alien vs. Predator via IMDB