It’s almost time for San Diego Comic-Con 2016! That doesn’t just mean amazing new trailers, exciting big panels, and tons of awesome cosplay: it also means a bunch of incredible toys and goodies you can only get your hands on at the con. Here are just a few of the things we can’t wait to throw money at in the mere hopes of being able to purchase!

Arcade Style Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

(NECA, $100 per set) NECA have been doing video game styled action figures for a while now, but their latest sets, inspired by the classic 1989 TMNT arcade game are easily some of the best they’ve done—and one of the best exclusives at SDCC.


There’s two packs of four figures each—one containing the turtles, the other containing Shredder and three Foot Clan ninjas, all coming with accessories and a pixellated paint scheme to match their appearance in the game.

Jokerized Batman Big Fig

(Jakks Pacific/Entertainment Earth, $60) Jakks’ Big Fig line of 19-inch inch action figures are great fun for kids, but this latest version is pretty artsy—taking the Batman v Superman Batman figure mold and casting it in white plastic, painted to look like the Joker has got his hands on it and turned it into a bit of street art. Fancy.

Hot Wheels Star Trek Buick Riviera

(Mattel, $20) I mean, a Hot Wheels toy of a ‘60s Buick isn’t that exciting, is it? Well, this one is: because none other than Leonard Nimoy is resting on its bonnet. Inspired by a classic picture of Nimoy with the car—who purchased the car for himself to celebrate Star Trek’s success—the little model is a beautiful way to pay tribute to Star Trek’s 50th anniversary and the dearly missed actor.

Game of Thrones Direwolf Cub Plushes

(Factory Entertainment, $30) Pretty much all the direwolves are missing or dead on Game of Thrones now—but choose to remember them as adorable lil’ puppies instead with this set featuring Lady, Shaggydog, and Summer.

Who are all dead. Sorry.

The Collector’s Vault Figure Set

(Hasbro, $70) The weirdest action figure set ever made, this deluxe bundle features 3.75-inch—scaled figures of Marvel’s cosmic archivist the Collector, and a bundle of his most treasured items stored in his vault—little accessories like the Wand of Watoomb, straight up to figures of Marvel characters like Moon Boy, Howard the Duck, Cosmo, and Lockjaw.

Lucille Replica Baseball Bat

(Skybound, $40) Whether it’s recreating the gut-churning moment from The Walking Dead #100, or taking out your frustration on the show’s controversial cliffhanger ending to season six, here’s a 34-inch recreation of Negan’s weapon of choice, Lucille the baseball bat. Just... don’t hit anyone with it, okay?

Masterpiece Bumblebee

(Hasbro/Toys ‘R’ Us, Price Unknown) The masterpiece Bumblebee is finally coming to the U.S., after years of availability in Japan. The figure boats impressive articulation and the ability to transform into a Volkswagen Beetle, and weirdly enough, comes with one of the first ever toys of human pal Spike Witwicky in his transforming exo-suit. Yes, a Spike Witwicky action figure is on a list of demanded toys in 2016!

Hydra Captain America and Atom Minifigures

(Lego, Free through Raffle) Lego’s Comic-Con mini-figures are infamously difficult to acquire, but that’s what makes them so cool—and the two being raffled this year are pretty nifty. On the Marvel side, we have Steve Rogers as he appears in Steve Rogers, Captain America (a.k.a. the comic where he’s a secret Hydra agent but not really), and on the DC side, an interesting twist: instead of being based on a comic, it’s a figure of Ray Palmer’s Atom as he appears on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

Pop Vinyl Scented Swamp Thing

(Funko/Entertainment Earth, $18) Sure, Swamp Thing has been a Funko Pop before, but this guy isn’t just flocked to give him a mossy feel, he’s scented too. Hopefully it’s not as unpleasant as an actual swamp aroma, though.

Tsum Tsum Han and Greedo

(Disney, $15) Han shoots first, even when he’s in the tiny, squidgy form of Disney’s wildly addictive Tsum Tsum collectible plushes. Look at how cute that Greedo is!

Hot Wheels Daredevil vs. Punisher set

(Mattel, $30) These Hot Wheels cars stylized after Matt Murdock and Frank Castle are already pretty cool, but it’s the box that makes this set fantastic. Made up to look like a Hell’s Kitchen rooftop, it’s the perfect display for Daredevil and the Punisher to duke it out.

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

(Mattel, $15) Sure, it’s essentially fancy clear packaging for a 3.75-inch figure of the Silver Age Wonder Woman, but look at it. It’s such a goofy, wonderful idea—and the packaging has a gorgeous retro style that’s perfect for celebrating Diana’s 75th anniversary. The movie might not have an Invisible Jet, but with this set, it lives on in our hearts.

Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi

(Hasbro, $45) Obi-Wan will eventually make his way to Hasbro’s line of 6-inch action figures, but for now, he’s exclusively available at Comic-Con, complete with a special box that houses a small table with a hologram of Princess Leia on top of it. It’s likely the table that’s the “real” exclusive, so if you want it, Comi-Can Kenobi is your only hope.

Aliens Newt Figure

(NECA, $30) First revealed on Alien Day a few months ago, this 30th Anniversary figure of Newt—a first from NECA—comes with a ton of neat accessories, ranging from Hicks’ helmet (which she can actually wear!), a doll head, her 2nd Grade award, and more.

Mega Bloks Comic Book Ninja Turtles

(Mega Bloks/Toys ‘R’vUs) To a lot of people, Mega Bloks will always be a second-rate Lego knockoff. But they’ve really upped their a-game lately with the licenses they’ve managed to acquire, and this simply gorgeous set is a testament to them finally being a real rival to Lego—at least, in terms of pulling off classy looking playsets.


Designed in the style of the original Eastman and Laird Mirage comics the Turtles first appeared in, this set includes black-and-white versions of Leonardo and Shredder, and a playset of a rooftop where even the bricks are textured in the style of the comic. Beautiful!

Pop Vinyl Doctor Strange

(Funko, Price Unknown) Of course the first ever merchandise for the Doctor Strange movie is a Funko Pop. The bobblehead look might not truly capture the alluring weirdness of Benedict Cumberbatch’s face, but Steven Strange looks a) cute and b) ready for action, in a dynamic spell-slinging pose.

DC Superhero Girls Katana

(Mattel, $40) It was weird that Mattel launched its DC Superhero Girls line of dolls without one of its main characters, Katana, even having a figure. That’s changing at Comic-Con, and Katana is getting a lot of love with this heavily detailed armored look (presumably one more in line with her streamlined animated look will be available later), complete with katana, naginata, tanto, shurikens, and sai for her to wield in battle. It’s not every day you see a doll focuses at young girls come with this much weaponry, and it’s pretty rad!

Legacy Edition Red Ranger

(Bandai, $40) An early release from Bandai’s upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy line of action figures, this highly articulated Red Ranger comes with his blade blaster and two swords exclusive to the set—chrome versions of the Dino Sword and Dino Megazord’s sword. Collecting the rest of the Rangers when the line eventually releases lets you build a Megazord action figure.

Superhero BrickHeadz

(Lego, $40 per set) Super deformed-style Lego builds have been all the rage amongst Lego fans’ custom build for ages, but now Lego is getting in on it for real with a line of superhero kits that you build to make into collectible figures á la a Funko Pop or what have you. They’ll be available to the public in 2017, but fans can get their hands on two packs of Batman and the Joker, Doctor Strange and Black Panther, Superman and Wonder Woman, and Captain America and Iron Man, at SDCC.

Marvel Legends “The Raft” Box Set

(Hasbro, $120) The 6-inch -scaled line of Marvel Legends is getting this amazing Spider-Man themed box of toys, featuring the hero himself—in the style of Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man—and five villains being kept in prison on The Raft, the Marvelverse’s sea-based supervillain detention center: Enchantress, Dreadknight, Abomination, Sandman, and the Purple Man.

Mezco 1:12 Armored Batman

(Mezco, $110) Mezco’s line of 1:12-scale figures has given us some jaw-dropping toys in the past with amazing attention to detail, especially in fabric costuming. Beyond the cape, you won’t find that fabric in this Batman v Superman Armored Batman toy, but you will find the usual eye-watering detail and awesome poseability.

Saga Action Figures

(Skybound, $50) One of the finest space operas in all comics is finally getting the action figure treatment. Alana and Marko, the stars of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staple’s stunning ongoing series Saga come with their trademark weapons and wrapped in a box covered with Staples’ gorgeous art. We can only hope this means a wider-released range of figures is on the way.

Transforming Tablet Soundwave

(Hasbro, $40) Sure, the best version of Soundwave might still be the one that transforms into a cassette player, but this brilliant update—based originally on a collaboration with the Chinese hardware company Xiaomi for their MiPad 2—turns him into a tablet to better disguise himself in the world of 2016 technology. Think of him as almost an IKEA-style, flat-packed Transformer.

Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995

(Bluefin, $500) Based on his appearance in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, this gorgeous Kaiju is also gigantic, clocking in at a whopping 19 inches tall. A cross-con exclusive with G-FEST in Chicago this year, the king of monsters comes complete with a hugely articulated tail that you can pose thrashing around.

Suicide Squad Joker and Panda Two-Pack

(Mattel, $40) With Suicide Squad so close, it’s weird to see some of the first toys being made available are convention exclusives—but this elaborate set, including 6" versions of The Joker and one of his Panda-suited Henchmen, a Batman mask and a fancy stand for the figures, in Cereal-box-style packaging.