The best comic book news to come out of Comic-Con

Comic-Con yawns out a deluge of news, and it can be a chore to sift through the press releases and panel hubbub. Now that the dust has settled, we present to you 15 comic-related tidbits for your perusal.

- This October, Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson are teaming up to write The Defenders (Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, Red She-Hulk, Iron Fist, and Namor are the roster) and Jason Aaron is taking over The Incredible Hulk with Marc Silvestri.

- Silvestri also confirmed that a movie based on The Darkness may be in the works at Mandeville Films. [Rarity Guide]

- Along with Tom Morello's new comic Orchid, Dark Horse is adapting Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's The Strain trilogy and PC Cast's House of Night for comics.

- Paul Pope will be releasing an enhanced new edition of his career-spanning artbook PulpHope with Legendary Comics, and Matt Wagner is developing The Tower Chronicles, a supernatural action series. [Robot 6]


- The Dark Knight Returns will be released as a two-part movie by DC Animation. Also on the docket are Justice League: Doom and Superman Vs. The Elite. [IGN]

- Marvel is going day and date digital with X-Men and Spider-Man comics this fall. [Comics Alliance]


- Archie is teaming up with KISS (yes, that KISS). The solicitation makes no promises that Ms. Grundy will be joining the KISS Army:

When one of Sabrina's spells goes awry, the Archies find Riverdale overrun by monsters from another dimension! Can the legendary rock group KISS help the overwhelmed teens push back these creatures from another world?


Man, Archie gets all the best team-ups. I certainly hope Werner Herzog is optioning this new project. [iFanboy]


- Tick action figure makers Shocker Toys were served with court papers for alleged non-payment to artists...right in the middle of their Comic-Con panel. [Topless Robot]


- Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness are resurrecting Cable this December. Also, Marvel teased that Deadpool may die in 2012. Finally, X-Men #1 is getting a 20th anniversary recoloring. Too bad it still doesn't make a lick of sense.

- DC released a ton of concept art showing off their superheroes' new costumes. [The Source]


- Bill Willingham is penning an ongoing Fables spin-off series, Fairest, which focuses on the princesses of the Fableverse. Bill Willingham will write the first arc. [CBR]

- Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt's Weird Western comic series The Sixth Gun is being produced as a six-episode miniseries for SyFy. [Bleeding Cool]


Click to view- Conan O'Brien crashed the Green Lantern animation panel to promote a trailer for his own superhero, The Flaming C. But will we actually see a real series out of this? [CinemaBlend]

- Tim Gunn took on DC superheroes' sartorial tastes. [The Mary Sue]

- Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson are teaming up for IDW's new 13-issue horror miniseries, Frankenstein Alive, which hits stores in 2012.


Top artwork from the cover of Fear Itself: Book 7.

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