The best chemistry geek anthem ever

What do you get when you take chemists from all around the country, stick them in a convention center with a couple of turn tables, and add an original rap about chemistry? You get the world's first living, breathing, dancing periodic table. Looks like this whole dancing scientist thing has really caught on.

The video up top is from the 241st American Chemical Society National Meeting, shot in Anaheim earlier this year. This song and dance was orchestrated in recognition of The International Year of Chemistry 2011, an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization designed to celebrate of the achievements of chemistry and its contributions to mankind.

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Whether or not you count this particular "achievement" as a contribution to mankind is largely dependent on your own relationship with science, original raps about science, and large numbers of awkwardly shuffling scientists. But I think most science geeks will agree that this is some pretty enjoyable material.

You can learn more about the International Year of Chemistry 2011 here

You can also download the original "Chemists Can Dance" rap here.


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OK, that's just sad. Chemists can't dance. :(