The best character from Drive Angry isn't Nic Cage, it's The Accountant

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As much as we loved Nic Cage's tragic, Paradise Lost, anti-hero John Milton, the real star of the show was the devil's Accountant played by Will Fichtner.

We spoke with Hell's second in command, and asked him all our lingering Drive Angry questions. Like what's the day-to-day schedule like for someone so evil?

Could you take us through the day to day happenings of the devil's right hand man, The Accountant?


William Fichtner: [It was] Probably incredibly boring for about 14 or 15 years. And then the rare occurrence happens where somebody gets out [of Hell]. And that's what he does, that's his job. When it happens — which it rarely happens, but like when Nic Cage's character Milton escapes — then it's time to play. It's time to go get them and bring them back, because you can't leave. I think the average day is probably pretty boring, he probably tries to get some air conditioning down there, then he gets to come back to Earth for a little bit.

Do you think that he's bored with his day-to-day responsibilities and he's excited when he gets to go back to Earth and catch an escapee? Or is he business only, let's just get this done?

I think that maybe, he was someone who at one time lived on Earth and, you know, did bad things and ended up in hell. But he gets to occasionally come back, so that has to be a nice thing. It's different, but he was from here and now he gets to listen to music, see a woman, do things he never gets to do anymore — so I think it's exciting for him when he comes back.

What do you think The Accountant has planned for Nic Cage's hell, what is that world like for that character? What did he escape from exactly?


Well he's in Hell, in the film and you only go there if you're bad. It's like a prison, it wasn't meant to be fun. You pay for your sins there, so I think Milton's life is pretty dismal down there. Milton does say in the movie that the worst part about being down there is there's a live video feed of all the terrible things you did in your life and how it changes the people you left behind. So when he sees injustices that are happening on Earth, he just can't take it anymore and he gets out. And clearly then he's driven to take care of some business.

Did The Accountant have any special powers or abilities that we didn't get to see on screen?


That will probably be saved for the sequel, right?

Since your character kind of steps out of the way in the end briefly, do you think he's conflicted about bringing people back to Hell or is he confident?


I don't think The Accountant has any fear that he's going to lose, except when Milton pulls out the God Killer. That was a surprise — even The Accountant fears that gun, because that can end the existence of anything anywhere. That's the only thing he fears. But as far as him being back and little mortals running around being tough, no that doesn't bother him. He's on a mission.

Where do you think beings killed with the God Killer go? Would The Accountant have to go back to hell as a prisoner, not as one of the wardens?


I don't know! That's a good question.

Would you ever do a comic book spin-off, or a sequel?

It's such a cool compliment, and I've been hearing that a lot. Hey, from your mouth to God's ears, I love the idea but right now, one step at a time. I just wish [Drive Angry's] success. It was certainly my favorite character I've ever played in anything... Hey if we get an audience for it, [then] maybe, stranger things have happened!


What do you think it says about society today that the right hand of Satan is an Accountant or a guy in a suit?

Well it's not truly an accountant, such as the gentleman who does your taxes, this guy definitely doesn't have a calculator. His job is to be accountable of all who are sentenced to hell and it's his responsibility for them to stay there. But, as you see in the movie he's much more than that. He's a force to be reckoned with if you try and break the rules.


Do you think people are more afraid of a figure in a suit than an actual Satan figure?

No I think that if people saw an actual Satan figure it would scare the shit out of them. It would me.


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The Accountant was easily the best part of this (incredibly awesomely bad) movie. His facial expressions were so nuanced, the way he held his hands and his head so carefully, so controlled.

Amber Heard as Piper was also in-fucking-credible. She was hella kick ass, particularly that one scene (church/camper) that demonstrates exactly how difficult it is to make a woman do something she doesn't want to do: "in the meantime, Imma fuck you up."