The Best (at Home) Cosplay From San Diego Comic-Con 2020

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, only this time it’s from the comfort of our living rooms. But amazing cosplay waits for no convention center! In lieu of our normal compilation videos, we asked cosplayers to send us clips showing off their tributes to our favorite shows, films, comics, and video games. And y’all freakin’ delivered.

Check out io9's video above that highlights some truly fantastic at-home cosplay submitted by our readers for SDCC 2020. Whether it’s Iron Fist and Ryu showing off slick moves in a garden, Merida from Brave having some socially distant fun at a castle, or a couple of Skeksis from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance doing chores around the house—they’re all outstanding. Be sure to tell us your favorites in the comments, because we’re seriously having a hard time choosing!


We want to thank all the cosplayers who sent us videos for our at-home cosplay video. We got submissions from all over the world, including folks from India, Denmark, South Africa, England, Egypt, Brazil, and more! These cosplayers have made our Comic-Con feel so much brighter. Be sure to check out each and every one of them online—we’ve highlighted their Instagram or other social media platforms in the video.


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Thank you all! Watched with the 3 year old and appreciated the extra mask normalization/inspiration.