The retro-science fiction music video for Coco Electrik's Fire features crazy spinning planets, pyramids, spheres from outer space... and deliberately 1970s-looking special effects. The makers of the music video even ran it through a VHS machine for that faded look.

According to a really fascinating article in Digital Arts Online, George Tsioutsias and Achilleas Gatsopoulos used After Effects to make a lot of the planets and "mystical orbs" in this video, but then they tried to go for the most low-fi look as possible, superimposing stuff in an analog fashion instead of using greenscreen and other techniques. And once they had the slick finished product, then they fucked it up. Says Tsioutsias:

We ran it through a VHS deck to pretty much destroy everything we did. We'd ran a lot of VHS tests, using different tapes and VCRs, and single and multiple passes, so that we eventually established a formula that would look good (with a little tweaking).


Here's the finished product:

Coco Electrik - Fire & Ice from TÉAR on Vimeo.