Depending what you read, 2010's comics begin with the fictional becoming real, mythical figures becoming pawns in political power grabs, or learning to deal with post-nuclear apocalypses. Looks like it's another year of stories too close to our real lives...

Before we get too into the science fictional, let's give a shout out to James Stokoe's new series Orc Strain, which debuts tomorrow. We're big fans of his Wonton Soup graphic novels, so much so that we're willing to get over our fear of straight-up fantasy* to fall in love with this. Take that, Lord of The Rings!


(* Okay, it's just me that has a fear of straight-up fantasy. Really, I do blame Peter Jackson.)

For those still wishing that JJ Abrams would just make that Star Trek sequel, we suggest checking out IDW's Star Trek: Spock - Reflections collection, which explains what happened to everyone's original Vulcan between his appearances in Star Trek: The Next Generation and going back in time and screwing up the timeline. Similar space operatics can be found, if those are to your taste, in Dark Horse's videogame tie-in Mass Effect: Redemption, which launches this week, as well as the first (of three) issue of Marvel Comics' Marvel Boy: The Uranian. If you're looking for something more Earth-bound (but not exactly grounded), then the first collection of Mike Carey (author of the io9 favorite Felix Castor novels) and Peter Gross' The Unwritten is highly recommended - especially if you've ever wished that Harry Potter existed in the real world, even if it's just because you wanted to see horrible things happen to him. Even more horrible things - namely, life in a post-nuclear wasteland populated by superheroes who failed to save the world - can be found in Wildstorm: After The Fall, a collection of stories set in the same dystopian world as The Authority that offers an interesting alternative to DC and Marvel's more straightforward superheroics.

Of course, Marvel's superheroics haven't been the least dystopian themselves, recently; luckily, Siege (launching tomorrow) looks set to bring that to an end, even if it takes the fall of mythical land Asgard to get there. Siege #1 is supported by a spin-off (Siege Embedded, also launching tomorrow) and a collection of what came before (Siege Prelude), and Marvel are even making sure you can compare it to former events by also releasing collections of X-Men: Mutant Massacre, X-Men Vs. Avengers and Fantastic Four Vs. X-Men on the same day. So, basically, if you're looking for some big-scale superhero slugfests, you're in luck.


All of these - and more! - can be found on this week's shipping list on Diamond Distributors, which can always be consulted before heading to your local comic shop to stock up. Just make sure Asgard doesn't drop on your head while you're on the way, is all we're saying.

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