Ten classic episodes of The Twilight Zone will be broadcast in the UK for the first timeā€”but, much like the showā€™s trademark, thereā€™s a twist. The episodes will be reinvented as radio plays taken from Rod Serlingā€™s original TV scripts, thanks to BBC Radio 4 Extra.

According to the Independent, veteran actor Stacy Keach will step in to perform the late Serlingā€™s iconic monologues; other cast members throughout the series will include Jane Seymour, Jim Caviezel, Michael York, Malcolm McDowell, and Don Johnson. Producer Carl Amari has owned the rights since 2002, which he obtained in part by promising to do the episodes justice in terms of production values and casting.


Each episode will run 40 minutes; the series kicks off in March with Ambrose Bierce adaptation ā€œAn Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.ā€ Though it first screened as part of The Twilight Zone in 1964, the ā€œepisodeā€ was actually a 1962 Academy Award-winning short film before being repurposed (with added Serling segments) for broadcast. Itā€™s set on a particularly memorable day in the life of a Southern prisoner during the Civil Warā€”with, of course, a hell of a twist ending.