The BBC has just released a new trailer for Frozen Planet, and it looks incredible

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If you're a fan of the Blue Planet and Planet Earth documentary series, then there's a good chance you've already heard about the forthcoming collaboration between the BBC and the Discovery Channel, Frozen Planet.


Well, the BBC just put up the trailer for Frozen Planet on their YouTube channel, and it looks downright amazeballs. It's got the same production team as TBP and PE, and David Attenborough will be returning to do the narrating, so we've got high expectations for this one. The series will begin airing on BBC One starting this month, and will make its way stateside by spring of next year.

Learn more about Frozen Planet over at the BBC (fyi: some features like video clips are, unfortunately, region-locked)

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James Whitbrook

This played before Doctor Who tonight, and it looks really interesting, I'll have to catch it on the iPlayer whenever it's on.

I'm a goddamn sucker for anything that uses Heart of Courage though, love that music!