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Our latest look at Black Panther comes courtesy of Marvel Japan, and it’s jam-packed with new shots and teasers for arrival in the world of Wakanda. Most importantly, it gives us basically everyone kicking some serious butt, including T’Challa and his big rival, Killmonger.


Although in a similar style to the most recent trailer, this new Japanese cut actually has a surprising amount of new shots from the movie, allowing us to further marvel at the vistas (and fashion sense) of Wakanda. It also offers a tiny bit more insight into Killmonger’s desire to rule it. And, of course, we get lots of T’Challa and his shiny new suit being extremely cool.


There’s honestly so much amazing stuff in here. Killmonger’s golden suit, the purple tech effects of T’Challa’s suit (and in Shuri’s car during that chase sequence we’ve seen in all the trailers), the Wakanda aircraft... this movie just looks astonishingly cool. Also, T’Challa has a very intriguing line about worrying if the outside world will figure out “what we truly are, what we possess,” which certainly sounds like Wakanda could be housing a rather major connection to Infinity War.

Black Panther hits theaters on February 16, 2018.

[Marvel Japan]

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