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The Batman Story Chris Nolan Won't Ever Adapt

Sure, Christian Bale and Chris Nolan have already made it clear they won't have Robin the Boy Wonder in their third Batman movie, but what about Batman's other sidekicks? I'm referring, of course, to Scooby Doo and his gang, who teamed up with Batman twice in 1972. I would tell you more about the plot of their adventures, but I'm distracted by a crucial question: OH MY GOD, what the hell happened to Batman's pants? He and Robin are talking about the Gotham Rubber Factory, and then suddenly Batman isn't wearing any pants. What the hell? Click through for another shoddily animated clip.


I just love the fact that Batman carries around a giant bag of Bat-snacks. Where does he keep them? Somewhere on his utility belt? Does he keep them to reward Robin after a long day of crime-fighting? Is that the same pouch where he stores his pants after he whips them off in the earlier clip?

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Hmmm. I expected Robin to tell me the top 40 songs during that week in 1972