The Batman Has a Composer, and All It Took Was an On-Stage Proposal

Michael Giacchino at the ASCAP 2019 Screen Music Awards Show.
Michael Giacchino at the ASCAP 2019 Screen Music Awards Show.
Photo: Alberto E Rodriguez (Getty Images)

Most movies get their composers in normal, behind-the-scenes deals. Some calls, some emails, probably some demos. You know, business stuff. The Batman is a bit different.

Oh, all that business stuff probably happened, sure, but the actual agreement to compose happened—at least a fun, performed version of it—very publicly. On stage. With a proposal. All that was missing was the ring. Or the Bat Signal, I guess.

Well, now we know: Matt Reeves will be joined by Michael Giacchino, a frequent collaborator of JJ Abrams and the composer for Cloverfield, which Reeves directed. He’s also made music for films like Zootopia, Up, and Ratatouille. And he has now joined The Batman… after Reeves asked him very nicely. Check out the video below, courtesy of Twitter user @RaptorChaser17, of Giacchino at a recent performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London, where he’s visited by Reeves, who has a big question to ask.


Also, Giacchino is dressed as Godzilla. Here’s hoping he composes the whole movie like that.

The Batman is on its way on June 15, 2021, and it stars Robert Pattinson, Paul Dano, and Zoë Kravitz.


[h/t Cinema Blend]

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Can’t imagine he’ll stray too far from the Elfman instrumentation given his god-tier talent for adaptation and musical extrapolation, so we are in for a hell of a treat.