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The Bar From Cheers Is a Little Less Welcoming With Pennywise as a Regular

Pennywise, hanging out, you know, like you do.
Pennywise, hanging out, you know, like you do.
Image: Warner Bros.

Pennywise is an extra-dimensional horror in the form of a clown. He has lived for centuries, can traverse space and time and the horrible hallowed places of the psyche. He’s one of the most threatening beings in all of horror fiction, as immortalized in Stephen King’s It. But what does he do with his spare time?


TV writer Jesse McLaren has an answer. McLaren, using image editing skills in the most admirably haunted way possible, has inserted Pennywise into every shot of the opening theme of the classic sitcom Cheers. What this dark creation suggests is that Pennywise, like so many other people, has his own favorite haunts, and perhaps interdimensional terror monsters also really enjoy a beer after a hard day.


Hey, let’s meet the regulars. There’s Norm, and Frasier, and Cliff, and oh, yeah, there’s Pennywise, be careful, he likes to devour the souls of the new guys and dump their corpses by the dart board. Oh, and there’s pool in the back!

What a dark, beautiful vision.

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