The Bangladeshi King Kong is the new Turkish Star Wars

On May 28, a dubiously legal Bangladeshi clone of King Kong (entitled Banglar King Kong) wowed audiences from Dhaka to Paltan. The film doesn't have the CGI of Peter Jackson's Kong, but it does have a shitload of musical numbers.

Sure, Banglar King Kong is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Sure, the film has the special effects of a high school video yearbook (circa 1994). Sure, that's obviously the theme from Gladiator when the giant ape shows up. We don't care. Banglar King Kong is — no hyperbole — the greatest thing we've ever seen...and this is just the trailer.

Undead Backbrain translated the movie's press release, and here's what they gleaned:

[Director Iftekar Jahan] brags about the use of advanced CGI in the movie [...] He also mentions that the gorilla suit was purchased from America, as were certain software packages used in the production. The movie has been shot in remote Bangladeshi locations (Teknaf, Rangamati, St. Martin and Cox's Bazaar) and the main actors are: Munmun, Danny Sedak, Shamim Osman, Afzal Sharif and Kazi Hayat.


Banglar King Kong, we salute you for taking the Kong franchise out of its unmarked grave, making love to it furiously, heaving it back in like a sack of yams, and then lighting a Marlboro Red and cooing, "Baby, nobody could do you better."

[Spotted on Undead Backbrain]

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Charlie Jane Anders

Wow this truly is the greatest thing of all time.