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The banana women plant themselves in the ground for the night

Illustration for article titled The banana women plant themselves in the ground for the night

All day, the Cavendish sisters looked forward to kicking off their shoes and tucking their toes into the Earth. Amber would pour them a bedtime drink while Saffron rocked her baby to sleep. One of a number of strange, banana-headed illustrations by Lin Shih-Yung.


[via Ghost in the Machine]

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"Did I ever told you the story of The Sap Children of Clagon The Earthcursed?" Old Nan said with her tired voice.

"No. But I'm afraid you're going to anyway."

"A long,long time ago in the first days of The Age of Heroes there lived an Andal chiefthain called Clagon The Merciless. Of all the warlords who crossed the sea bringing the faith of the Seven,he was one of the most cruel towards the Children of The Forest. He had two twin daughters who had inherited their father's cruelty,their names Cavenn and Dish. It was said that these two loved to set the weirwoods on fire while their faces cried tears of red sap.

One day on the nameday of the twins,their father arranged an special gift for them. Fifty captured Children and their Greenseer all tied up to poles in the courtyard of his fortress. The cruel girls all dressed up in their green gowns started to yell "Burn them! Burn them!" and the soldiers of the chiefthain set the bound Children ablaze.

While the Children burned and wailed in pain,the dying Greenseer casted a terrible curse upon the two sisters. From that day, the daughters of Clegon could no longer eat anything but spring water. Their skin began to slowly turn into bark until their heads look like treestumps and their tears was red sap. In desperation,Clegon locked them in the highest tower of his keep where their cries could be heard day and night. It is said Clegon slowly grew mad from that day forth. He prayed to his Seven to no avail. It is said that he abandoned all his lands and travelled North to ask the forgiveness of the Children. What became of him nobody knows.

Cavenn and Dish remained locked in the abandoned fortress for years and years until it crumbled from old age. It is said that if you are cruel to the weirwood Cavenn and Dish will come to your room and plant themselves there like a tree to keep you awake all night with their wailing.

So that,my little Lord,is why you stay true to ould Old Ways and our Gods."

"I REALLY hate your stories,Old Nan. Just be quiet."

"As my little lord wishes" the crone said with an smile,resuming her knitting.