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The bad guy of Piranha 3DD tells us about his aquatic swingers' club

Illustration for article titled The bad guy of emPiranha 3DD/em tells us about his aquatic swingers club

In Piranha 3DD — the sequel to 2010's "nubile swimmers getting eaten underwater" flick Piranha 3D — a sleazy water park monitored by stripper lifeguards and an unapologetically ineffectual David Hasselhoff is invaded by hungry fish. io9 had a quick chat with comedian David Koechner about playing P3DD's villainous water slide magnate and the public's perception of his many odious film roles.


Your character is the unscrupulous owner of the water park where the piranhas are unleashed. What sort of mindset did you get in to play an amusement park baron in the Scooby Doo vein?


That's a great way of putting it. You look at the components that make up this guy, Chet. He's greedy, a narcissist, and lascivious. I tend to believe that those are identifiable markers that exist inside every human being, so you find those pieces that may exist inside yourself in some manner and give them a bigger life.

Were there any real-life character inspirations for Chet, such as an unsavory car dealer or camp counselor, from which you drew your obnoxious power?

Ha! We all come across greedy people all the time. Sadly, there are plenty of humans to draw inspiration from.

You've played plenty of blustery, semi-civilized weirdos, like Todd Packer from The Office and Champ from Anchorman. Do people expect David Koechner to be that persona?


Usually they're surprised I'm not that person at all. I'm actually a very nice guy. I have a wife and five kids, so that's really the antithetical to who those characters are.

Were any strip club architects consulted for the "adult swim" portion of the theme park?


I think it was straight from the mind of the set designer! You'd have to ask him, but I think we can all imagine what a dirty, wet theme park could be, and they spared no detail. It looked like a swingers' club, really. "What if swingers ran a water park?" is probably a good way to think about it.

What is your favorite maritime-themed horror flick?

Oh, I'd have to say Jaws.

Piranha 3DD is out tomorrow.


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Wait, wait. The intro text says "David Hasselhoff", but the body copy says "David Koechner" — which the photo would seem to bear out. Am I missing something?

#corrections ...?